Business Lines

  1. Design, construction and maintenance services for electrical work and telephone wiring / installation work .Trade in equipments, parts related to these, include wireless communication equipment.Agency services and sales of consignment stock.
  2. Design, construction and maintenance Services for disaster prevention facility and security facility on buildings. Sales and development of parts related to these.
  3. Design, construction and maintenance services for video and sound broadcasting equipments through wired/wireless network.Sales and development of the system related to these.
  4. Sales of mechanism component like electronic parts(Integrated Circuit), Reed switch and Solenoid.(Futaba Device Co., Ltd.)
  5. Design.constructin and maintenance services for computer system.Sales of computer hardware / software.
  6. Design,constructin and maintenance services for wired/wireless communication facilities.
  7. Sales of automatic market survey system through a telecommunications circuit.
  8. General/Specified worker dispatching undertakings under the Act for Worker Dispatching Undertakings.
  9. Sales of used products under Secondhand Articles Dealer Act.