1945/12 Futaba Electric Telecommunication Works established in Koraibashi , Higashi-ku, Osaka city
1948/9 Futaba Electric Telecommunication Co., Ltd established in Dojima Kita-ku, Osaka city
1953/5 Obtained The license of the Minister of Land, License No.(RO) No.4981, Licensed Fields : Telecommunication
1954/7 Opened Moriguchi Local Office
1961/4 Opened Tokyo Local Office
1964/9 Completed the head office building in Doshin, Kita-ku, Osaka city
1967/3 Opened Kyoto Local Office
1970/11 Moriguchi,Tokyo,Kyoto local offices were renamed as Business Offices
1973/9 Obtained The license of the Minister of Land, License No.(HAN-48) No.1717, Licensed Fields : Fire Protection Facilities
1992/4 Tokyo Business Office was renamed Tokyo Branch
1998/1 Opened Nagoya Local Office
1998/12 Updated The license of the Minister of Land, License No.(HAN-10) No.1717, Licensed Fields : Electrical,Upholstering
1999/2 Opened Kyusyu business office
2000/1 Updated The license of the Minister of Land, License No.(TOKU-11) No.1717, Licensed Fields : Telecommunication (From HAN to TOKU)
2000/11 Nagoya Local Offices was renamed Nagoya Business office
2001/10 Moriguchi Business office was renamed Moriguchi Branch
Obtained ISO9001 certification
2003/11 Moriguchi Branch was renamed Engineering Division
Nagoya Business Office was renamed Nagoya Local Offices
2004/4 Obtained ISO1400 certification(Futaba Device)
2004/9 Opened Mie Local office
2007/11 Abolished The license of the Minister of Land,License No.(HAN-15) No.1717, Licensed Fields : Upholstering
2008/4 Established Futaba Device Co., Ltd.
2008/11 Specified Worker Dispatching Undertaking (TOKU 27-303734) under the Act for Worker Dispatching Undertakings.
2009/2 Sales of Used Products under Antique Dealings Law(Osaka Head offce,Tokyo Head Office )
Permit Osaka Public Safety Commission No,621022100501 business machinery
2009/4 Mie Local Offices was renamed Mie Business office
2009/11 Made Kansai Tokki Tsushin Setsubi Corporation a wholly owned subsidiary
2009/12 Obtained ISO/IEC27001 certification.
Decrease scope of ISO 9001 (Futaba Device only)
2010/4 FUTABA Electric Telecommunication(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd
2010/7 Merged with Matsuba Tsushin Corporation
2010/8 Sales Division was renamed the First Business Division
Engineering Division was renamed the Second Business Division
2011/2 Unified Kyoto office with Moriguchi Branch
2011/7 Merged with Kansai Tokki Tsushin Setsubi Corporation
2011/8 Acquired 100% of E&E system corporation’s share
2012/4 Tokyo Branch was renamed Tokyo Head Office
Mie Business Office was renamed Chubu Business Office
2012/12 Tokyo head office moved to IchigayaHonmura-Cho, Shinjuku-ku
2013/1 Opened Chu-Shikoku business office
2013/3 Opened Kita-Kanto business office
2013/4 Acquired 100% of Nagano Tenpo Shoumei corporation’s share
2014/1 Separated West Japan Division from The First Business Division and Became independent
Established i-NES Business Division
2014/6 Established and Invested i-NES Vietnam Ltd.
2014/10 Opened Tohoku Business Office
2015/1 Updated The license of the Minister of Land,License No.(TOKU-26) No.1717, Licensed Fields : Telecommunication.
2015/4 Acquired 100% of Toyo Hitec Co., Ltd.’s share.
2015/4 Changed ISO9001 and ISO14001 of Futaba device Co., Ltd. to self-declaration.
2015/10 Merged with Futaba device Co.,Ltd
2015/11 Nagoya business office moved to kanayama-cho, atsuta-ku ,Nagoya-city
2016/6 Acquired 100% of Daiwa denki kouji corporations’s share
2017/4 Chushikoku business office moved to naka-ku,Hiroshima-city
2017/9 Acquired 100% of Meiden corporations’s share
2019/5 Keiji business office moved to nojihigashi,Kusathu-city
2019/12 Tohoku business office moved to masuda,natori-city,Miyagi Prefecture
2019/12 Mie business office moved to higashimarunouchi,Tsu-city,Mie Prefecture