Message from the President and CEO

President and CEO<br />
Akira Nakamura
President and CEO
Akira Nakamura

Futaba Electric Telecommunication Co., Ltd. was founded as a company doing the design, construction and maintenance of Private Branch Exchange in 1945, then, it has been expanding its business scope to the field of IP telephony, network, sound and broadcasting, disaster prevention and security business, and the business of the devices required for IT. Especially, in recent years, we are focusing on proposing our customer package of services which meet the customer’s needs precisely such as call center, data center, hospital and nursing care facilities, construction site, as well as the environmental and energy products such as solar power or energy-saving system.

Mankind has built up an advanced civilization by utilizing language, drawing, characters and facial expression for exchange a variety of information emotion, intention, thought, and knowledge. Especially, in recent years, in the tremendous development of ICT technology, we can now realize the high-quality and high speed communication infrastructure which stands no comparison with the one in the past in aspects of the amount, quality, and speed of the information to be transmitted.

In the future, ITC technology is expected to evolve further at a blistering speed with integrating and cooperating with the media such as voice, text and video. We believe that, in this situation, it is realistically becoming more and more difficult for companies to build infrastructures optimized for their business conditions by themselves.
We hope to build a firm relationship of trust with our customers to provide the communication infrastructure as the whole package of service including planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance, according to each customer’s need, with close customer service backed by Quality, Speed and 24/365 availability,

Please feel free to contact us in case of every doubt or difficulty, and we will greatly appreciate if you would make a use of our service as a familiar partner on a communication infrastructure.

We, Futaba Electric Telecommunication Co., Ltd. and Futaba Group companies will be working hard with cheerfulness and strength.
We appreciate your continued patronage.